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July 11, 2018






The upgrades, activations, and messages that have come in for me personally have been preparing me to open up monthly sessions for (master number) 22 of you. Apparently, there are 22 people out there that I've already connected with through my work and service to the collective that could use monthly upgrades and support from the energy I am able to provide. This is most likely those who were drawn to my energy magnetically and what some of us Angels in this line of work call "Soul Family". If you are reading this you are most likely part of this collective and who I came to this Earth to support at this time. 

I want to be honest with you.

I am being told I am going to be supported on my mission by those of you who've chosen *as a soul* to incarnate years before me. Those of you who were strong enough to maintain in the money making world and be a lighthouse to those around you. 

In return I am bringing you the energy to boost you up and out into your dream life.


I have a counselling background, have been studying "Ascension Symptoms" and their solutions for 7 years and very intensely the last two. I've done up to 100 hours of this type of work with people and I have charged maybe 2% of those people for my help BECAUSE I know we are meant to do this for free. It's been a struggle to realize in this brief moment of history for me to carry out my job on Earth I need monetary help. So for 50$ a month I will call you and heal you to the maximum of my capacity to boost you up. 


A monthly Session Involves:


-2 hour time-slot

-Introductory Meditation

-Review and Discussion of YOUR current concerns/symptoms

-A full Tarot Card Spread to channel your higher guidance

using 3 different decks of cards. 

(Traditional, Angel, & Ascension Decks)

-Discussion on this information with Channeling from myself

-Follow up Card Pulls concerning specific questions you have

-Scheduling next month's session

-Sending you Heart Energy Healing to boost your vibration


Here is the link to sign up for this service. It will instantly email me when you do and I will in-turn email you back to establish our first session. 



If you would like to support me and the daily videos I'm doing on Youtube you can also pledge whatever amount on my Patreon using this link. In return at the end of each month I will do a livestream on my Patreon to pull tarot cards, answer questions, and share the love. The next livestream is July 30th at 7:30Pm Mountain time (6:30 Pacific, 8:30 Central, 9:30 Eastern)



If you would like just 1 session from me you can book it on my website and I will email you back with the payment and video call link.



Thank you for helping me sustain my life so I can continue doing my job here on Earth and support the thousands of people under my umbrella. <3


I believe we will do great things together!

I hope to see you on the Patreon Livestream July 30th!


Much love to you,

- Alexis

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