First March Full Moon - Heart Activation

March 2, 2018

Dear Ascension Diary,

Through my observations, it appears there is a shift occurring where there is a build up and burst of emotions today. Rage, Sadness, Despair, Gratitude, and Love. Like a bubble finally coming to the surface, allowing the heart to pulse out while the bubble bursts.

Like plucking a heart string so it may untangle. 


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I'm becoming more sensitive to these vibrations but I have been all my life. I use to release a lot of energy while I was younger through crying. It was like recalibrating me. I think myself, my partner, and his son experienced an emotional calibration today all while grounding out on the beach the day of the full moon. The day before I had to nap in the middle of the day as I felt my body fading underneath some pressure. After I awoke the vibration of the household was different. Something had shifted and I was grateful.

It had been heavy here since the censoring but we were rolling over it and continuing the climb we pursue every day to illuminate the world and ourselves.


On the beach today I realized this pattern and recalled the last Ascension Weather update I filmed. 

I remembered the articles, astrology, and tarot card explaining the heart is being focused on but in other ways.

Like following your heart's desires. But perhaps it also was referring to this shift I observed within my body yesterday

to plucking our heartstrings today,

all within 2 hours I may add.

When I had that thought I looked out at the same moment and gazed on this knot of a tree. A piece that was marooned on the beach.

It was shaped peculiarly like an anatomical heart.

Even my partner agreed.

So there you have it.

At least regarding the people under my roof.

There may have been a small shift and a heart string recalibration the last 24 hours. I have not looked at any of my usual graphs today.

I'm just living in the flow and observing.

Seems like the answers can come in all different ways... 

Even perfectly placed wood hearts on the beach.


Happy March everyone,

and White Rabbit 

Alexis Buck | @livein5d 


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