Portals & Casting A Net

January 19, 2018


It’s wonderful when new information comes into my awareness, particularly the “portal” phenomena they discuss about 40 min in.


To enter the portal to an “inbetween” area where you could help speed up the Ascension is the new moral question. 😄

I also really enjoyed the term “casting a net” and pulling people in your field to the new vibrations. I feel holding people in my net is a major part of my job.
These intimate strings are held once I connect with some people, I instantly feel connected to them quantumly and I know I carry them while I push forward, I also know they hold me in their hearts and power me to do this work.
I know I’m also connected to others who hold a lot of people in their net and we “net holders” hold and lean on each other for support during these shifts. These are often the people you see creating content and reaching thousands of people. We all entangle nets eventually and this is how we are serving to raise the vibration. We pulse our own love to these people and one another.

I know you feel your own net and perhaps now you will interact with it more and expand it. For those of you who know I hold you I think you’d like this video 😄❤️ for those of you who hold me back, thank you for your love ❤️ I feel you!


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